2016 OSUACNM Summer Sizzle and Student Send-Off a Success!

Nearly 30 Buckeye faithful attended the 2016 OSUACNM Summer Sizzle and Student Send-Off on July 30!

Grant Finch, an incoming Freshman majoring in Actuarial Science, received the customary OH-IO cheer and a gift bag of OSU essentials. Grant’s parents attended as well, and were invited back for next year’s event.

There was an amazing array of homemade dishes – everything from fresh salads to tasty side dishes to tempting desserts. Did you miss Marie Lobo’s butterscotch pie? If so, come back next year and try it! Of course it would not have been a cookout without the brats.

Bob Kaplar conducted the business meeting portion of the event, ending in a rousing series of OH-IO…everyone joined in!

The weather cooperated this year – the rain didn’t start until the last guest was leaving.

Special thanks to Dave & Marty Evans, Phil & Carolyn Dankworth, and Sam Smith…and of course many thanks to Bob and Janet (The Badger) Ford for hosting yet another outstanding Summer Sizzle!

And finally, thanks to all NM Buckeyes who attended. Go Bucks!